Welcome (back) To Canada

To those who don’t know, I’ve moved (back) to Canada! It has been 3 Years since I last was in this amazing country and, ever since then,  all I’ve wanted to do is return. However, the Canadian government didn’t always co-operate and getting a visa proved tough. So I had to bide my time, three years exactly, until finally I got my approval for a working holiday visa that allows me to move back here and stay for up to two years! Obviously, it goes without saying, I’m pretty pleased.

As opposed to last time, when I lived and worked in and around Banff, Alberta, this time I found myself a job at the biggest and probably busiest resort in Canada at Whistler, in the British Columbia Province. Just like every other skier or snowboarder across the globe, after the loooooong months of off-season you can’t wait to finally scratch the itch for skiing that has been building up! I’m super excited to get out to resort and get my skis on again but for now, that will have to wait, mother nature isn’t quite holding up her end of the bargain.

Despite the delay, my spirits are high!  On arrival I’ve had plenty to do: a quick trip south of the boarder to Bellingham to visit some family (poor timing on my part, I arrived the day after the election, but thankfully there’s no plans for a wall on this boarder); and some time spent in Vancouver with friends from previous seasons (Canada and Japan), who are now living in the city and kindly put me up and showed me around.

Vancouver Views

Vancouver is awesome! Eating out at amazing restaurants, cycling round Stanley park, and just taking in the atmosphere of what is a really cool city with lots going on.

Cycling Stanley Park

But it was being in the States that really fuelled my desire to get back to the mountains; during my flying visit I hiked up Mt.Baker, the first mountain I ever skied as a 10 year old kid. It was fair to say the memories of being on the chairlift with my brother, listening to Weezer came flooding back real quick.


Just being outdoors, taking in the sheer magnitude and beauty of the Rockies again has me pumped for winter and for my 2nd Canadian adventure to really begin.

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