Spring Skiing

As another winter of ski instructing comes to a close and the questions of “when do you leave?” “what are your summer plans?” and “do you have job or house yet” come thick and fast I find myself ready to transition from winter to summer, with maybe a little spring in between.


It’s been a looooong winter but a great one. My first season in Whistler has not disappointed. Amazing work instructing with lessons and classes that will live long in the memory including taking a group of 7year old kids down double black runs or teaching them to slide boxes and 360 off jumps. There’s been unreal skiing with friends, new tricks learned and the new never ending terrain of Whistler explored (partially) and seemingly endless amounts of snow. In March we had 3 metres of snow, with it snowing 28 of the 30 days of the month. Then after quick a tease of sunny Spring skiing this past Monday, we went back into deep winter with another 20cm fresh on Wednesday and more in the forecast for this weekend on top of what has already been an abundant winter for snow.


Of course we’ve had the occasional rain day too, but hey what can you expect from west coast skiing. I’ll take  couple wet days here and there. One rain day turned out to be one of the best lessons I had all season! Teaching my kids how to penguin slide down the hill in plastic ponchos in between wet chairlift laps, contemplating to myself at what age we decide we don’t like being wet, because they couldn’t care less.


But anyway like I said although the snow doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon I know it will all come to an end soon, I finish work within 10 days and move from staff accommodation to a lush house with three really good friends in May and I couldn’t be more excited. Going from shared bunk beds in a uni halls style accommodation where everything seems small and everyone feels on top of each other, to a house shared with close friends a big kitchen, living room, a dinning table and carpet! CARPET! You come to appreciate and get excited by the little things in life.



My mind has started drifting to memories of my last Canadian summer three years ago to days by the lake, golf, basking in the sun with BBQ’s, beers and adventures you can only have under the long hours of sunshine that come in summer topped by the stunning sunsets that come after every great day ends.  As much as I don’t want to stop skiing I’m very much excited for some shorts weather and a bit of a change.


All I need to do now is find a job and I’ll be golden!




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