Stay weird Portland

Our second day in Portland started fantastically, we woke to blue skies, pleasant temperatures and had a walking tour planned. We were keen to get out and enjoy the city, get our bearings and learn some history. Unfortunately for us, we got the short straw when it came to tour guides and ended up leaving before it finished, we didn’t really feel we were getting a good sense or feel for the city with her. 

So we thought we’d go figure it out ourselves. 
First stop was the famous Voodoo donuts. It lived up to all the reviews I’d heard, really big, really tasty and really sickly. It was all a bit much and both Harry and I could barely finish a whole donut. 

After that we meandered the streets a bit popping into trade mark odd Portland stores, the best of the bunch was a leather store in which the owner gave us some awesome recommendations for what to do with our day, go to Bridge Port Brewery, and evening, a free stand up comedy night. Both of which we did and both of which were awesome.  

Next stop was Powell book store the largest independent book store in the world, a whole city block big. It was here where we had to get to work a bit. The whole trip we’re kind of winging it and at this point (2pm) we still had no where to sleep for the night. 

After sending a few messages we finally managed to lock in a free bed in a guest house in the NE of the city. We really lucked out here because A. It meant we didn’t have to pitch our tent in the middle of the city and B. It’s a bloody lovely guest house. I’m talking full kitchen, table football, our own beds, fresh sheets and towels, the works. The best part is this stay is free, thanks to an amazing online community we’ve signed up for called warmshowers, which is basically couch surfing for cyclists. We hosted a couple people before we set off on our trip to get our karma up and it seems as though (touch wood) it may have worked.
From here is where we’re planning our first day on our bikes, a daunting and nerve racking thought for me. We seem to have our route planned, we’ll see tomorrow how it goes!

Pretty stoked to get into this bad boy outfit tomorrow too


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