Tillamook Forest to Lincoln City 

Day 2 started when we woke up to the sound of rain pitter patting on the tent. Not a great start. The knees were creaking for both of us as well as we slowly got up and packed up camp and headed for the road. We planned on heading 20miles east towards a town called Beaver where we’d stop for lunch, maybe the day depending on how we were feeling. In Beaver we stopped at the only store in town ‘Beaver Gun, Ammo and Grocery store’ for some chocolate bars and directions to the nearest diner, 4 miles down the road in Hebo. 

After we fuelled up on clam chowder we decided the rain was light enough and our legs were strong enough to keep pushing on to the next big town of Neskowin another 15 miles or so and again see how we felt. For the most part it was nice and mellow cycling the whole way but we were also met with rain and head wind the whole that slowed our pace down a little. After an hour and a bit we got our first sight of the beach at Winema viewing point. This really boosted our moral at a critical point. Damp cold and tired we though of giving up but Neskowin was only like 4 more miles away and the overall goal of getting to the sea side city of Lincoln was only 15 miles more. We were tired and wet but fired up. 

The only issue was the fact my bike was giving me some issues. My gears wouldn’t fully engage into my climbing gear, this would be a painful and massive issue because before Lincoln we had another big climb to do. So as we left Winema view point we were joking out loud about how screwed I was, then sure enough some guy overhears our conversation and is like “hey, I’ve been a bike mechanic for 15 years, need a hand”. We just burst out laughing, how did we get so lucky at such a potentially terrible time? After a nice little chat and a fix of my bike we headed off, flying with my fixed gears. 
The climb was tough but in comparison the day before wasn’t too bad, a total of 3 miles and 759ft of elevation gain, followed by a nice long decent. We were making good time and we’re only about 6 miles short of Lincoln city. But this is where things got really tough, the rain got heavy and the winds picked up to about 30mph strait into our faces. Even on the downhills we were peddling hard and still not really moving, our pace slowed significantly but we powered through and eventually sought refuge and WiFi in a McDonalds on the edge of the city where we searched for somewhere to stay for the night. Camping in our soaked tent in a storm was off the table. 
We ended up finding a decently cheap place with a hot tub and sauna and justified staying there as recovery for our now aching knees and thighs. The two mile cycle to the hotel though was the worst part of the day, gruelling, terrible sea winds on a busy road, we were nearly blown of our bikes at several points it was so strong. 
Finally we made it, hung out all our clothes and camp gear to dry, filled up on pizza, went in the hot tub, stretched and went to bed. 
They’re forecasting that the storm will continue until Monday, so our pace is bound to slow down and distances shorten over the next few days. Tomorrow we’re aiming for a lighter day, around 27 miles to Newport, but with the winds, rain and more uphill than down, who knows how long it will take. 

So far we’ve clocked up 100 miles and over 12 hours on the bike in two days. Way better than we thought we’d do

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