Well that was bloody hard

So, day one started great we slept amazing at our warmshowers place, woke early, filled up on porridge and packed our bags. We hopped on the tram headed for Hillsboro and one hour later we were there. It was now that it finally set in that I was about to hop on my bike for a looooong time. 
The route started really nicely, mellow roads through small towns, past vineyards and farms until we got to our first stop of Yamhill about two hours in, a small town with a great Mexican joint. With the idea of camping in potentially crap weather that night ahead of us we filled up on Enchiladas, tacos rice and beans and grabbed some food to cook at camp that evening too then got back on the road. 

It was here we got our first warning from one of the locals, on telling him we were headed to Tillamook Forest then to the coast he replied brazenly “you boys are gonna get hammered by the weather” . Harry and I couldn’t help but buckle over laughing, the start of our journey was relatively easy and nice and we knew it would be tougher, but this guy knew a lot more about that than we did. 
Sure enough it got tougher, about half an hour after lunch we found ourselfs climbing, never the funnest part of cycling, but even less so when you’re going up a steep as hell gravel road on a road bike (my bike) and essentially a ladies town cruiser bike (Harry’s) let alone when it’s loaded with 20kg-30kg of stuff on the back. 

After hitting tarmac we rejoiced! But our happiness was premature, the climb continued on and on and on. Finally it stopped after 7 miles and 1,800 FT of elevation gain. 7 MILES!! Of pure climbing, it went on forever. We were wrecked. But the best thing about a climb, is the decent! 

The last two hours of the ride were downhill through glorious lush green costal forest, even the spitting rain couldn’t dampen our moods, we were elated to be headed down after nearly two hours of climbing steep uphill. 

Not surprisingly when we arrived at the our campsite for the night we were the only people there. Kinda creepy when it got dark being in the middle of no where all by ourselves, the whole time up and down the hill we’d seen two cars pass us by. Regardless we set up camp deep in the trees for cover from the oncoming rain, then we cooked dinner and hit the hay real early because tomorrow, we get to get up and do it all again! 

All in on it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but that climb was not what we expected. For now there’s no real injuries to report which is nice, just very tired sore muscles 

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