Into the eye of the storm (Lincoln City – Newport)

Day 3 started with a relaxed morning walking round Lincoln City, seeing all the sites, the beach, the worlds shortest river, the fossil shop, the batting cages (closed) and the Birkenstock store where I found out they don’t sell single right birks. 
On the bikes this was the most challenging day so far. Not so much physically, the distance of 27 miles was the least we’d done so far and climbing wise there were no great challenges, lots of slow gradual ups and downs. More mentally, the first storm of the season was in full swing. Driving rain and head winds greater us from the onset and throughout. 
After about 8-9 miles we stopped at a coffee shop to partially dry off and warm up with a hit chocolate. 

It was here though where things got really tough, Harry’s knees had been giving him issues from the get go and today was to much, so he peaced out here and I continued the last 19 miles to Newport alone. 

There’s a lot to be said for touring with someone, even though you aren’t cycling together the whole time just knowing your in it together looking over your shoulder and seeing your buddy makes the whole thing easier, so going it alone in terrible weather really made it a lot harder. 

The cycle itself was gorgeous, hugging the rugged coastline the whole time past small bays and coves, the bad weather actually added to the beauty a bit, creating huge waves that crashed against the shores and blew white water over the edge. 

​​​​I followed the 101 most of the way but when I saw a sign for the scenic bike route I took it and was glad I did. It kept me next to the coast on a single lane bike track where there was no cars what so ever rather than up on the busy highway. Winding up through a stunning temperate forest on my left and raw jagged coastline on my right was what kept my spirits high in the bad weather. I was in no rush to get to Newport, I was already soaked through, so I stopped regularly when the mood took me and I wanted to just watch and admire the power of the waves hitting the shore. I pulled in at one awesome place, the Devils punchbowl, that was really cool. 

The weather was non stop the whole time, making an hour and a half ride take nearly three hours. At times it felt like I was swimming rather than riding. But eventually I made it to our awesome hostel for the night and got comfy while I waited for Harry to arrive. 
Because of the storm and Harry’s sore knees our plans are going to change. We’re headed east off the coast for the weekend to Eugene, home of the University of Oregon. So hopefully we can chill there for a couple days, wait for the storm to die down then head back to the coast and back on the bikes. 

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